About Us

The Southall Trust (also known as the WF Southall Trust) is a Quaker-based grant-making family trust, established in 1937 by Wilfred Francis Southall.

The Trust awards grants to charities that are registered in the UK. Typically, these charities will be working in at least one of the following four fields:

Quaker Work & Witness

Environmental Action & Sustainability

Peace & Reconciliation

Social Action

The Trust is a charity itself and generates its income from an endowment, which is invested and managed according to a defined set of ethical criteria. The interest and dividends that arise from this endowment are awarded to charities. In recent years the Trust has awarded around £350,000 in grants per year.

The Trust is founded upon the Quaker principles of love and respect for one's neighbour, recognising that there is something of God in everyone. It is committed to creating a more just, peaceful and collaborative society.

Further information about the Trust can be found throughout this website.