Our Trustees & Staff

Southall Trustees & Staff (L-R: Richard, Lewin, Holly, Mark, Jo, Phil, Donald, Hannah, Andrew and Wil)

The Southall Trust is a registered charity, governed by a group of trustees, all of whom are relatives of the Trust's founder, Wilfred Southall. The trustees are volunteers and employ a Trust Secretary to manage the Trust on a day-to-day basis. Throughout the year the Secretary will work alongside sub-groups of trustees to assess grant applications and the whole group meets together roughly every four months.

Brief biographies of each trustee and our Trust Secretary can be found below.


Mark has been a trustee since 1989, and Chair since 2015. He began his working life as a teacher of languages, but his love for travel and other cultures led to him to spend several years volunteering in developing countries overseas. Returning to the UK, Mark spent 30 years working for local authorities in Yorkshire and Lancashire. He spent a decade in community care development and, prior to his retirement, he spent 20 years in local authority strategy and performance management.

Mark is an active Quaker and lives with his wife in Yorkshire. His hobbies and interests include hill walking, music and bee keeping.

One thing Mark would change about the world, (if he could): “To see compassion and cooperation between all people and nations.”

Relationship to Wilfred: Great-grandfather


Joanna has been a trustee since 1994. Following university, she trained as a nurse and as a teacher. While her children were young, Joanna ran a wholefood shop, which was also a focal point for her local community. As such, healthy eating and community building are important to Joanna. For more than 30 years she has been working as an Alexander Technique teacher.

Joanna is an active Quaker and is especially passionate about addressing climate change and disarmament. She lives in Wales, where she volunteers as a peace educator in schools. Her hobbies and interests include looking after her grandchildren and enjoying the natural world.

One thing Joanna would change about the world, (if she could): “The elimination of manufactured weapons.”

Relationship to Wilfred: Great-grandfather


Richard has been a trustee since 2006. He is a retired gardener and college lecturer. For almost 25 years Richard taught ‘rural studies & general science’ and ‘horticulture & conservation’.

Richard is passionate about caring for the natural world and promoting environmental conservation and education. He has worked alongside social enterprises and charities which have a focus on using the natural environment to help those with disabilities and/or mental ill health.

Richard lives in the West Midlands, with his wife. His many hobbies and interests include gardening, woodworking and archery.

One thing Richard would change about the world, (if he could): “Reduce global warming and help people to understand the need to protect the natural world.”

Relationship to Wilfred: Great-grandfather


Hannah has been a trustee since 2008. For almost two decades she has worked as a writer and editor for various magazines, websites and social media channels. She has published two books and, in 2016, she was named among the Guardian’s “10 of the most inspiring contemporary female adventurers”.

For a time, Hannah was warden of Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island), off the coast of the Lleyn Peninsula in north Wales. She is a passionate campaigner for environmental action, sustainability and conservation.

Hannah lives in Wales with her partner and their two children. Her hobbies and interests include creating art, yoga and swimming.

One thing Hannah would change about the world, (if she could): “End fossil fuel usage.”

Relationship to Wilfred: Great-great-grandfather


Andrew has been a trustee since 2017. He has worked in the field of art and design for almost four decades (including as an architectural photographer), lecturing in colleges and universities since the mid-90s. Currently, Andrew is a subject leader in the School of Design at Bath Spa University, where he runs the MA Design programme and supports post-graduate activity and research for the school.

Andrew is especially interested in small scale causes/projects that are socially engaged. More specifically, those which link communities and allow individuals to integrate with other age and social groups.

Andrew lives with his family in Bristol. His hobbies and interests include photography, music and sailing.

One thing Andrew would change about the world, (if he could): “For every person to learn the real value of empathy.”

Relationship to Wilfred: Great-grandfather


Philip has been a trustee since 2017. After graduating with a first-class International Relations and Politics degree, he worked for several large financial institutions. Philip left the City to study for a PhD, focussing on international issues associated with climate change. Since 2019, Philip has worked for Community Energy England, where he is currently Head of Operations.

Philip lives in Yorkshire and his hobbies and interests include climbing, dance and visiting places with ‘big countryside’ scenery.

One thing Philip would change about the world, (if he could): “Free therapy for everyone who wants or needs it.”

Relationship to Wilfred: Great-great-grandfather


Holly has been a trustee since 2021. She brings significant voluntary sector experience to the trustee group, including working for a charity that has been on the receiving end of Southall Trust support. Since 2017 Holly has worked as a participatory theatre practitioner, currently working at Bristol Old Vic. Holly is passionate about storytelling and using the arts to bring about positive social change.

Holly lives on a houseboat and can usually be found anywhere between Bristol and London! Her hobbies and interests include juggling, open water swimming and mountain climbing.

One thing Holly would change about the world, (if she could): “End capitalism!”

Relationship to Wilfred: Great-great-grandfather


Wil was appointed Trust Secretary in 2017 and manages the day-to-day operation of the Trust, on behalf of the trustees. He brings almost two decades of voluntary sector experience to this role – including several years in positions of charity leadership and governance. Therefore, he appreciates the challenges that fundraisers face when approaching grant makers. Do contact Wil if your charity is in need of any support with its application to the Trust.