Eligibility Checker

IMPORTANT NOTICE (UPDATE): From 30th September 2023 the Southall Trust will not be accepting applications for work or projects delivered outside of the UK. Please click here for more information.

We know that applying for grants takes a great deal of time and effort. Therefore, before applying to us, please complete our Eligibility Checker below.

Eligibility Checker

If your organisation is not a registered charity, but has clearly defined charitable purposes and otherwise meets our eligibility criteria, then please contact us before applying to explain why you believe the Southall Trust should consider an application from your organisation.

We will occasionally consider applications from organisations with charitable purposes, such as Social Enterprises, Community Interest Companies (CICs) and Community Benefit Societies which are constituted for the benefit of the general public (rather than individual members).

Based upon the responses you have given, you may be eligible for funding from the W F Southall Trust. Therefore, you may proceed to filling out our online application form which can be accessed by clicking here.

Unfortunately, based upon the responses you have given, your organisation is not eligible for funding from the Southall Trust. However, we wish you all the best with your charitable activities.


PLEASE NOTE: If you do not meet our current eligibility criteria but you have received funding from us before and/or your work is supported by one of our trustees and/or you believe your work is a strong match with ours and meets almost all of our eligibility criteria, then please get in touch with us via the 'Contact Us' page on this website. Please state the name of your charity and explain why we should consider an exception. We will respond to reasonable requests.

Please note that a successful outcome from this eligibility checker does not mean a grant is guaranteed; it is simply designed to give potential applicants a better understanding of our eligibility criteria, to reduce wasted effort. Please make sure you have also read our What We Support page.