“In his work... he showed an absolute faith and sincerity which was never shaken, and his deep concern for the individual meant that much of this time was spent in visiting or helping people in trouble.”

Dr Kenneth Southall speaking about his father, Wilfred Southall

Community Action

On average we give around 14% of our grants to the category of Community Action each year. Generally speaking, this category is reserved for charities where one or more of our trustees has a direct connection with the cause.  Typically, such causes will be locally-focused, making good use of volunteers, meeting a tangible need within the community and well-connected and well-regarded within it.

Since 2012, our average grant within this category has been around £1,600. Some examples of recent grants are listed below:

Charity NameYear of AwardAmount GrantedProject
After 182016£1,100To help young asylum seekers adjust to life in the UK.
Doncaster Conversation Club2016£1,000Drop-in for asylum seekers and refugees in Doncaster
Dorset Wildlife Trust2016£2,000The Greengage Project - promoting engagement with the natural world
Housing Justice2016£1,500Raising awareness of homelessness
Oxfordshire Community Foundation2016£3,000Towards the publication of the book "What does consent mean again?" by Pete Wallis
Quaker Action on Domestic Violence2016£2,500The start-up costs of this new charity
St George's House Charity2016£2,000The purchase of premises.
St Paul's Parish Church (Glasgow)2016£2,000A community art project.
Sudden Productions2016£1,500Promoting mental health awareness through the Mind Games production.
Tipton Youth Project2016£1,000Supporting young and disadvantaged people from deprived parts of Tipton
Walworth Garden Farm2016£2,000Horticulture training for NEET young people