Environmental Action & Sustainability

Wilfred Southall was passionate about the natural world and remembered for his love of long walks, as well as cycling practically everywhere until his old age. However, this category of Environmental Action & Sustainability was not a focus of the W F Southall Trust until 2000, when the Trust amalgamated with the Kenneth & Phyllis Southall Trust. The K & P Southall Trust's primary objectives were environmental and conservation interests and this emphasis is continued through this category.

On average we give around 8% of our grants to this category each year and, since 2012, our average grant within this category has been around £1,600. Some examples of recent grants are listed below:

Charity NameYear of AwardAmount GrantedProject
Noah's Ark Children's Venture2016£3,000A bio-mass installation
Trees for Cities2016£2,000Planting trees in Sutton Coldfield
Moor Trees2016£1,000Research with Plymouth University
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust2016£1,000Woodland condition monitoring with volunteers
People &
Planet Student Activities
2016£3,000Fossil Free UK Campaign
The Play House2016£1,000Rainforest Symphony Programme
Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust2016£2,000Wild for Nature project