The latest ‘dry’ public house is called the ‘Galleon’. Mr W.F. Southall who opened it emphasised the need for more places free of alcohol, and deplored the fact that drink came into almost every television and cinema picture as though it were the most natural thing in the world for young people to start drinking.

~ Birmingham newspaper, December 1951

Substance Abuse, Addiction and Penal Affairs

Wilfred Southall was committed to the Temperance Movement and was President of the Birmingham Temperance Society and the Friends Temperance union. Today, we continue to award grants to organisations that are committed to tackling substance abuse and addiction. We are also interested in funding projects that successfully combat substance misuse within prisons and projects which improve the lives of those affected by substance and addiction-related crime.

Each year, around 6% of our grants are awarded within this category. While this is the smallest of our grant-giving categories, the average grant has been slightly higher since 2012 than other categories, at around £2,000. Some recent examples are as follows:

Charity NameYear of AwardAmount GrantedProject
Alternatives to Violence Project2016£2,000'Facing Up to Conflict' distance learning programme for prisoners
Create (Arts) Ltd2016£1,500Inside Stories project
Embrace CVOC (Child Victims of Crime)2016£2,000Counselling for young victims of crime
KeepOut - The Crime Diversion Scheme2016£2,000HMP Lewes - crime diversion events
Life Cycle UK2016£1,000Bike Back project
Nehemiah Project2016£2,000CBT course
Orkney Alcohol counselling & Advisory Service2016£1,000Pubwatch Scheme for secondary pupils
Prisoners' Education Trust2016£2,000Distance Learning Courses
Venture Trust2016£2,000Living Wild programme Scotland