Quaker Work & Witness

The Southall family’s links to the Quakers (also known as the Religious Society of Friends) can be traced to the 1600s, around the time of the movement’s beginnings. Please visit our history page for further information.

Unlike our other categories, we support Quaker causes with small grants, as well as much larger ones. This is due to our long association and shared values with particular Quaker causes.

We welcome applications from all Quaker causes, so long as they hold charitable status in the UK. We will consider appeals for the refurbishment of meeting houses, so long as there is a clearly defined local benefit for the work. In this instance, please bear in mind that we are most interested in supporting people and current needs, rather than buildings and history.

Some examples of our recent giving in this category are below:

Charity NameProjectAmount GrantedAward Year
WoodbrookeSupport towards the running costs of the college as well as restricted funding for a feasibility study to aid planning for the college's future.£25,0002019
Quaker Arts NetworkSupport for the Loving Earth Project travelling exhibition, including at COP26 in Glasgow. A community textile project aimed at helping people engage with the climate crisis creatively.£2,0002021
Oswestry Local Quaker Meeting/North Wales Area MeetingSupport to improve the use of this building for the community by replacing the roof over the main meeting room, insulating the walls and new door/windows in the gable end to have better ventilation and be more environmentally friendly.£5,0002021
Britain Yearly MeetingSupport for BYM's Local Development Programme in Britain. £50,0002021

To learn more about Quakers, please visit the Quakers in Britain website by clicking here.