Reporting Requirements

Please find our reporting requirements outlined below. If you wish to download a copy of these, please click here.

For every organisation that we support, we would like to hear about the difference our funding has made. We ask that brief reports are submitted, preferably within 12 to 15 months from the date that our grant was awarded.

What’s Required?

We ask that reports are no more than two sides of A4 and written simply, without the use of jargon. Bullet points are perfectly acceptable – we do not intend this to be an onerous task. We hope that reports will contain answers to the following questions:

  • Were the objectives for the project (as outlined in your grant application) achieved?
  • What was most successful about your project and why?
  • What, if anything, did not go to plan?
  • What lessons were learned over the course of the project?
  • How has your project improved the lives of your organisation’s beneficiaries? (you may wish to share a short story or case study).
  • Is your project or this area of work continuing? If so, have you secured new funding for it?
  • Did you spend the entire grant that we awarded? If you are carrying forward any funds, please explain your plans and time frame for spending these.

If appropriate, a few photographs and/or a short film of the work we have supported would be well-received. But, this is not essential. Feel free to include photos and/or a weblink in your report.

When your report is complete, please email it to us. Please also take this opportunity to provide us with any feedback that your organisation may have about our grant-making process, good or bad. The views of those we support are particularly important to us.

To note: We do not require or welcome interim reports, unless you have received multi-year funding, or if your project is differing significantly from what we agreed to fund. If multi-year funding has been awarded then please provide just a short update (max. one page of A4) before the next payment is due, confirming that the funds are still being used as outlined in your funding application. A full report is only required at the end of the funding period.