How to Apply

When making an application to the Southall Trust there are four steps to follow:

STEP 1: Please take a good look around this website to see what we support, as well as our responses to frequently asked questions.

We hope that this website will answer any questions you may have about our application process. However, if you feel anything is unclear or unanswered, then please do contact us.

STEP 2: If you think your charity/project may be of interest to us, then please use our Eligibility Checker, which will confirm whether you meet our basic eligibility criteria. If you meet our criteria, then you will be shown a link to a downloadable application form.

STEP 3: Complete and submit the application form and any accompanying documents.

STEP 4: Please wait patiently for an outcome!

All applicants should receive an email receipt following an application. If you do not receive one, please get in touch as it means we may not have your application (but please check your email junk/spam filter first!).

We aim to respond to applications for up to £5,000 within two to four months. However, applications for more than £5,000 per year usually take longer to process (in some cases, up to 10 months) because, at present, these require discussion at full trustee meetings, which are held every four to eight months.


Due to the high volume and variety of applications we receive, we cannot give an indication regarding your organisation's chances of success - it is dependent upon how your application compares to others at the time of assessment and decision.

We do not respond to applicants that have bypassed or been dishonest in the Eligibility Checker, nor do we respond to applications that are incomplete.