In response to the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, please find Southall Trust-related updates on this page.


Current grant-holders

If your charity has received a grant from us in recent months, please be assured that we fully appreciate that projects may not be fulfilled as intended. There is no need to request a ‘change of purpose’ from us, nor is there a need for you to spend time sending us interim updates. Flexibility is required, especially during these unusual times, and we trust that our grant to your charity will be used to good-effect, even if it is used for purposes different from what was planned.  All we ask is that your charity sends us an end-of-grant report (i.e. as requested when the grant was awarded), just so we can understand how your charity was affected by Covid-19 and how our funds made a difference, if at all. 


Our situation

As an endowment-based trust, our income is entirely dependent upon the financial performance of an investment ‘portfolio’. Our portfolio is very influenced by the international stock market, which has been adversely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. To add, historically-low UK interest rates are also bad news for some of our investments. In simple terms, our income is expected to be substantially lower this year than it was last year. However, by drawing upon funds from within our portfolio, we are planning to maintain our giving at the same level this year to what we awarded last year. Therefore, we are still very much open for applications from any charity that meets our eligibility criteria


Useful Information

The following web-links provide information relevant to charities and trusts during this ongoing crisis:

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