Our Funding Application Form (FAF) has been created in ‘portable document format’ (pdf). This means that you can save the form to your computer and edit it from there, before returning to this page to upload it.

We use this system, as opposed to a fully online system, because we are aware that not all charities enjoy a reliable internet connection and lost work is something we hope to avoid.

The following five steps are recommended to complete the form correctly:

Step 1: Make sure that your computer has an up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Other pdf editors may not display all features of the form correctly, meaning that we may have difficulties processing your application. Adobe is the most commonly-used pdf editor and it is available free-of-charge from this link.

Step 2: Click here to download our FAF AND click here to download the accompanying Guidance Notes. Please note that some internet browsers may open these documents in a new window or tab. If this is the case for you then please make sure you save the FAF to your computer before editing it - editing through a web browser may cause you to lose your work. Each web browser is different but, to save the form, you are probably looking for a downward-pointing arrow towards the top right of the opened form, which you will need to click.

Step 3: Open the form from where it was saved/downloaded (in most cases, this will be your computer’s ‘downloads’ folder).

Step 4: Read the Guidance Notes (see Step 2 to download them) which will help you edit and complete the form correctly.

Step 5: Return to this page to upload your completed form (scroll down to the next section).

If you have any difficulties with the form or our application system then please do get in touch on 0300 111 1937 or via the contact us page on this website.


If you have returned to this page after completing the FAF, then simply click the 'Next Page' button below to upload and submit your application, along with any accompanying documents.